3 Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes You Need to Know

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3 Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes You Need to Know

Your lawn will thank you later.

Your lawn is the first impression of your home or business, and keeping it well maintained and lush is an important part of making a good first impression.  While it is important to know how to grow and maintain your grass, it is equally important to avoid common lawn care mistakes that can destroy all of your hard work.

Over Watering

One of the most common mistakes of lawn care is probably over watering.  When your grass takes on a brown tinge, your first instinct may be to respond with a heavy soak to bring it back to life.  Over watering will not help your grass to freshen up quick and will discourage it from forming a deeper root system, which is essential to a healthy lawn.

Giving Your Lawn a Close Shave

While cutting your grass extremely short may seem like a good idea to lengthen times between mows, it actually can damage your lawn’s health.  When grass is too short, it will not develop a deeper root system, and it also will promote insects and lawn problems such as crabgrass.  Mowing with a higher blade and keeping the grass about 2 1/2 tall will block out some of the light that crabgrass will need to spread throughout your lawn.

Not Treating Your Lawns’ Problems

Lawn problems can occur at any time during the season and can be devastating to your yard if not treated quickly. Some of the most common lawn problems include:

  • Crabgrass
  • Bald Spots
  • Grubs
  • Weeds

By treating your lawn problems when they occur, you will not only get your lawn looking healthy but will also prevent the spread of the problem which can lead to issues for years to come.  The best way to treat major lawn concerns is through a professional lawn care service who will be able to assess the problem and provide the best solution. Whether you are a home or a business owner, lawn care should be an essential part of your maintenance schedule.  If you have lawn problems or just want to know how to keep you grass top notch all year long, contact the experts at Modern Turf today for more information or to schedule service.


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