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3 FAQs About Creating a Lawn Care Schedule

Maintaining a lush and weed-free lawn takes a little patience, the right product, and a proper schedule.  To get the most out of your lawn throughout the year, take into consideration the three facts below when creating your lawn care focuses on the Time of Day and the Amount of Water

When planning your lawn watering routine, you should choose a time of day where the temperature is cooler, the sun is less intense, and the wind tends to be calmer.  Too much heat or sun can cause the water to evaporate more quickly which will reduce the amount of water that quenches your lawn.  It is also important to schedule your watering time so that your soil is moist at least six inches deep.  To determine your perfect watering duration, check the soil every 15 minutes until the soil is wet six inches down.  

Schedule Your Mowing for Cooler Times of Day and Often Enough to Maintain 1″ to 2″ of Height

When scheduling your weekly mowing routine, you will want to choose a time of day when the temperatures are cooler and there is more shade in your yard.  Not only will the shade and cooler temperatures prevent you from becoming overheated, but it will also prevent your lawn from losing significant amounts of water during the mowing.  It is also important to schedule mowing frequency to keep your yard at the optimum length.  Mowing your lawn too short can increase the growth of weeds, while grass that is too long can stunt proper root growth.

Schedule Your Fertilizing Treatments to Obtain the Optimum Nitrogen Level

You will need to set a fertilizing schedule that will work best with the type of grass you have.  Warm season grasses often require either two or three applications during the cooler fall season ensuring that the applications are set one month apart.  You will also need one application treatment during the spring season and three applications scheduled a month apart during the summer months to ensure the proper nitrogen level will be achieved.

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