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3 Reasons To Plant Sod in the Fall

With a little extra care, planting sod in the fall can be beneficial to your new lawn.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when sod should be planted in order to guarantee success?  Modern Turf’s total focus is on growing the best grass for our customers’ needs, providing the right grass for specific circumstances, and assuring that the grass enhances the function and beauty of its environment.  We know that sod can be successfully planted at multiple times during the year. However, the early fall season presents significant opportunity for success. Let’s look at three reasons why you should plant sod during the fall months.

Cooler Temperatures

Seeing the thermometer head downward does more than improve peoples’ attitudes; sod loves cooler days as well. When the temperatures begin to drop and fall is in the air, the ground becomes particularly receptive to sod. In this region, that occurs around mid-September. September and October temperatures and other weather conditions offer the benefits of moisture in the soil as well as the absence of extreme, fluctuating temperatures during the day. Although watering is still essential, less may be required.

Fewer Weeds

Dropping temperatures also bring a less aggressive attack from weeds.  One benefit of fewer weeds is reduced competition for nutrients needed to support the sod’s root system.  Additionally, there will be a diminished need to apply weed control products, which can be hard on new, tender roots. The absence or reduction of weeds improves sod’s ability to thrive.

Stronger Roots

Sod planted in early fall still has an active growing season prior to the dormant winter months.  The sod will develop strong roots that are resilient and thriving, best able to withstand what spring and summer bring.  

We always stand ready to be a partner with you in starting and keeping your sod at its best.  Are you ready to get started? Check out our turf care program and other services. 


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