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Most field managers know that allowing the sports turfgrass to go bare in sections of the field is just sub-optimal field maintenance. However, if it does happen, not only does it reduce the playability of the field, it also makes sports less safe for athletes.

No matter the sports being played on a given field, here are 3 steps managers can take to maximize the safety and playability of their fields.

Stay Up On Watering and Proper Mowing

Keeping sports turf as lush and well textured as possible, as well as an optimal playing height, is key to both reducing the chance that it can go bare, and increasing its playability.

Excessively long or inconsistent turf can be difficult to play on and, in some cases, can be hazardous to players.

Maintain a Proper Schedule for Fertilizer

There are multiple recommended strategies for different regions and types of grasses, but this is key: the health of your sports turfgrass directly affects the health and safety of your athletes.

If Necessary, Overseed Bare Areas

Aerating during the times sports are being played is not recommended, but you can score the bare earth to get better seed-to-soil contact and hopefully regrow turf in hazardous bare spots.

There are many field maintenance strategies that can increase both the safety and the playability of your turf fields. For more information, contact the Columbia SC turf experts at Modern Turf.


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