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3 Simple Tips For Enhancing Your Golf Course Turf

Without a playable course, golfers won’t want to want to visit your facility, and your career in golf course management will be shorter than you planned.

Here are three actionable tips to maximize the playability of your golf course.

Irrigate Correctly

Many golf course managers think that this means providing the optimal color for your turf, when actually smoothness and firmness means much more to playability. Approach your course’s irrigation with this in mind.

Use an Optimal Seed Mix

Bermudagrass is the most commonly used grass seed in southern courses in the U.S. During the turf’s dormant months in the winter, courses are overseeded with ryegrass to stand up to heavy use. Turf care is important in maintaining the playability for your course.

Maintain the Proper Mowing Height

Long grass can slow the roll of your golfers’ shots, both long and short. You want the ball’s roll to be affected by the slope of the greens and fairways, not your cutting height. Reduce inconsistent course surfaces by using the highest quality mowers and keeping your blades as sharp as possible.

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