3 Quick Tips for Fertilizing Your Turf Field

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3 Quick Tips for Fertilizing Your Turf Field

Manual fertilizing of the turf field ensures healthy growth.

Some people believe that if you apply fertilizer once or twice a year to your turf field, that’s enough work. This common misconception could jeopardize the health of your turfgrass. In fact, fertilizing hastily or over-fertilizing can burn out your lawn and harm your turfgrass maintenance strategy. If you over-fertilize, all of your maintenance budget will be spent on getting rid of fertilizer burn. If you under fertilize, you risk having a weak root system and a field that doesn’t recover like it should.

Fertilizing can depend on many factors such as how much water your turf field gets, whether from rain or irrigation, how hot and dry the climate is, and what time of day you fertilize. Ensuring you minimize the risk of fertilizer burn and maximize the nutrient intake can help you have a beautiful turf grass field year-round.

Here are some tips to make fertilizing your turf field easier

  1. Fertilize Multiple Times Per Year – using a slightly different percent of nutrients depending on the season and climate.
  2. Always Use A Spreader – this ensures even dispursement and lower burn hazard.
  3. Make Sure You Use the Optimal Mix – using the right mix for season and region is essential.

Not all fertilizer is created equally. Remember that finding the optimal nutrient mix for the type and usage of your grass is key to healthy turf all year long.

The key to proper turf management is to try to be as precise as possible, despite all the factors that can change your fertilizing needs. For more information, contact the Columbia SC turf experts at Modern Turf.


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