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When landscaping an area, one of the most important decisions is which type of sod to use.  The sod is the foundation of a landscaped area, and choosing the right one for your soil, temperature, sun exposure, and desired look is important in creating the landscaped area that you are trying to achieve.  Three popular sod options utilized in a variety of landscaped areas include Bahia, St. Augustine, and Bermuda.


Bahia is a warm season, hardy sod that is not only drought resistant, but insect resistant as well.  It can survive in multiple types of soil and requires very little maintenance.  This kind of sod is often seen along highways and other areas where regular maintenance may be limited.  Bahia sod has a tougher texture and has blades that start thicker and taper at the end, often forming points.  

St. Augustine

While St. Augustine grows best in full sun, it can thrive in shaded areas as well.  It is a very thick, carpet like sod, that is good at choking out weeds before they can become a problem.  St. Augustine has a dark green color with broad, flat blades.  St. Augustine is a popular choice for pastures and ranches, though it requires consistent watering to maintain its lush appearance. 


Bermuda is a dark green colored turf that is an excellent choice for well-traveled, high traffic areas.  The lush green surface is comfortable to walk on and creates a nice blanketed look to the area.  Bermuda is an excellent choice for hot, full sun areas and is drought tolerant but is not suggested for shade as it does not thrive as well.

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