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Turf is a lawn product that combines living grass with a supportive soil layer that protects roots and promotes progress of your new grass’s growth.

Many homeowners and professional landscapers choose turf in order to create a thick growth of lush green lawn on the day of installation versus waiting for seed to grow and then reseeding to promote increasingly thicker grass over time. Additionally, turf is often used to reduce the costs of cultivating a lawn, because maintenance cost is reduced. If you are considering turf for your lawn, here are some questions you should ask first.

1. Which turf species is most appropriate for the climate and local area I live in?

Some grass types do not do well in climates with snow or extremely high temperatures. Select from turf types that will thrive in seasonal conditions of the region where you live. Be aware that soil types can vary widely within a local region, depending on topography.

2. What choices of turf are best for my yard?

This question really must address two basic concerns:

  • Sunlight: How many hours of direct sun light does your yard receive? Is the yard mostly shaded? For most grass types, eight full hours of direct sunlight is optimum. But, some species need fewer hours of direct light or thrive in areas with more shade.
  • Maintenance: How will the grass be maintained? Will you have a professional lawn maintenance service caring for the grass? Or, will you care for it yourself? Consider what will be involved in maintenance, and ensure that you are prepared to commit to it prior to purchasing your turf.

3. Which turf will best withstand the kinds of activities I want to use the space for?

Consider how you plan to use your yard space. Some grass types are more durable under foot traffic than others.

  • Will you use it for light recreation and occasionally entertaining small groups?
  • Or, will you use it as your sports league’s practice space and for frequently entertaining large crowds? If so, select a turf type that will endure heavy wear and tear.

4. How should the turf be maintained after installation?

Before you invest in improving your lawn, keep in mind any special maintenance measures that may need to be taken to overcome issues such as:

  • Excessively dry or compact soil
  • Steep slope or rocky soil
  • Drainage conditions resulting in frequently standing water
  • Poor or nutritionally depleted topsoil
  • High soil acidity due to certain types of overhanging trees
  • Other priorities for optimum health and appearance of the lawn

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