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4 Simple Tips for Protecting Your Turfgrass from Frost

Frost can cause tissue damage to your grass blades. Photo Credit: Echo Grid

What’s the Big Deal About Frost?

When turfgrass is exposed to frost, it has been shown to experience an overall increase in tissue loss. When coupled with physical trauma (bending or breaking), this tissue loss is accompanied by deeper, cellular damage that can cause browning of leaf blades that may last well into the following spring.

What Can I Do?

1. Fertilize before the first frost

In anticipation of the first frost of the year, consider applying fertilizer to your turfgrass in the late fall. This final late fertilization can help the grass build up the nutrients that it needs to withstand multiple frosts, endure the harsh winter season, and emerge lush and green in the spring.

2. Avoid use

As we have discussed, turfgrass is extremely susceptible to physical trauma while frozen. Therefore, you should take care to avoid walking on sports fields and golf courses while frost is on the ground. Mowing can be particularly damaging during frost conditions.

3. Consider wintertime irrigation

A mid-winter drink can do wonders to ensure that your turfgrass is robust enough to withstand frost and winter weather. While you should winterize your irrigation system against freezing, consider taking it out of hibernation at least once and then re-winterize after watering is complete.

4. Cover your turf

There are many breathable protective covers on the market that can protect your turfgrass from frosts and freezes. These covers have been proven to extend summer greenness into the fall and promote an early spring reawakening.

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