4 Ways Professional Lawn Maintenance Can Give Your Lawn a Boost This Spring

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4 Ways Professional Lawn Maintenance Can Give Your Lawn a Boost This Spring

Preventing weeds can help more nutrients reach your lawn

Whether you are a homeowner looking to spruce up your yard or a golf course owner looking to ensure your course is impeccable, professional lawn maintenance can give your lawn a boost this spring. Here are some ways professional lawn maintenance can help:

Clean and repair the lawn

Because harsh winter weather can compact the soil, affect soil pH, and create disease-friendly conditions, spring lawn care is a critical element in achieving a healthy summer lawn. Professional lawn maintenance crews assess the winter damages and work to create an ideal soil for an ideal crop of grass.

  • Thatch removal: Raking the grass removes thatch which prevents new grass from sprouting up.
  • Test soil pH: A soil test assesses which nutrients are lacking. For instance, lime is typically needed to help restore the pH to a neutral level.
  • Aerate: When the soil is compacted, it is very difficult for new seed to take root and sprout. Aerating in the spring ensures that new grass seed can grow properly.


After the soil is tested and the lawn is aerated, overseeding may be needed if your lawn or golf course has bare spots due to heavy traffic or dog spots. At Modern Turf, we pride ourselves on never selling a single blade of grass unless we know it’s the absolute best seed for your yard, course, or commercial property.

Prevent weeds

Pre-emergent applications prevent spring and summer weeds from sprouting. For homeowners, the Modern Turf Care Program administers this application in February or March.


An application of nitrogen (fertilizer) allows grass the boost it needs as it emerges out of dormancy. This is administered in April or May for those enrolled in the Modern Turf Care Program.

Because professional lawn maintenance in the spring yields a healthy summer lawn, it is vital to diligently assess all of your lawn needs in time. If you are interested in more information, a consultation, or would like to schedule a service, contact us today!


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