5 Steps To Make Sure Your New Turf Takes Root

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5 Steps To Make Sure Your New Turf Takes Root

When new turf has been laid, it’s vital that it takes root quickly so that it integrates into the soil.

1.  During the first week after the turf has been laid, keep it wet at all times. This may require you to water it three to five times a day to keep the consistency of it spongy all the time. If the temperature is especially hot and it’s in full sunlight, you may need to keep it continually watered with a sprinkler during that week. Try not to walk on the turf during that week.

2.  During the second week, the turf should continue to be watered often, but it may not need to be kept spongy as in the first week. Water it a couple of times a day to keep it moist. At the end of the second week, you can allow it to dry out if you need to have the lawn mowed.

3.  For the third and fourth weeks, water the turf at least once a day. You may need to water it twice a day, depending on the temperature and amount of sun that it gets. If your turf is staying wet, you can skip a day in between watering during this time.

4.  During the first six months, the roots of your turf will grow longer, and it should be kept wet during most of that time. After the first month, water it whenever it looks dry to keep it moist. When you mow it, always allow it to remain at least 2″ tall. Keeping it at about 3.5″ is ideal for its growth.

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