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Looking to make a change?

Modern Turf knows grass. We also know what makes a company great - its employees. 

Working for Modern Turf means becoming part of something bigger than yourself. Whether that means learning about sod, golf courses, or sports turf care, we do it all. We expect a lot from our employees, but we take care of them in return because it’s our employees that make our company flourish. 

Modern Turf understands that even though it’s “just grass”, it improves lives. It means kids can play on their sports field in the fall. It means a retired couple can afford to make their landscaping dreams a reality. It means the city you live in can look that much better. And it makes all the difference.

At Modern Turf we know the importance of blending beauty and functionality. We believe in hard work, but we also understand that life happens. We want people who are personable, who want to be part of a team, who want to earn a living, who love to learn, and we want you to become a better version of yourself.

We want to give you the opportunity to tap into your talents and develop new skills. We want hard working, creative individuals who need a place to grow. We will teach you and help you learn, but we ask that you show up and bring a great attitude and we’ll give you a place to plant roots (literally and figuratively). 

If you’re looking to make a career change, and you like what you’ve read, then come see what Modern Turf has to offer. You should enjoy what you do. Fill out the application below, call, or stop by our office for more information about starting a career in the sod farm industry.

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