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For many homeowners, the idea of waiting for just the right time to seed a lawn, watering and caring for it meticulously, then sitting back and hoping that their grass will eventually spring up from what currently looks like a desert wasteland is just too much to bear. For these people, sod installation is the perfect solution. Along with being a much quicker and easier way to get your lawn looking green and luscious, sod has a number of other advantages as well. Below are just a few of the reasons why sod installation is an excellent option to consider:

Immediate Erosion Control

Since sod has a fully developed root system the day it is installed, it can immediately be put to use fortifying your soil and preventing your yard from eroding. This is especially important if your lawn has hills, valleys, small ponds and other landscaping features that may not survive the first heavy rainfall without enough vegetation to hold the soil in place.

Increased Home Value

A beautiful lawn goes a long way to improving the value of your home. Even if you have no intentions of selling it, the enjoyment you’ll get from a thick and luscious lawn is priceless. Nothing beats the feeling of fresh grass beneath your feet and the view of perfectly grown lawn stretching out away from your home. Sod installation gives you the perfect lawn each and every time, increasing the value of your home and increasing the pleasure you get out of it.

Ease of Instillation

The relative ease and quickness of sod installation is something we’ve touched on already, but it cannot be overstated; compared to seeding, sod installation is much more convenient. In just days, your yard can go from being barren topsoil to a perfectly maintained, breathtaking lawn. Sure, seeding can get you there too, eventually, but with sod instillation, little stands between you and the perfect lawn.

Thanks to its many advantages, sod instillation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners everywhere. If you would like to learn more about installing sod in your lawn, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule your sod installation.


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