Are There “Good Bugs” When it Comes to My Turfgrass?

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Are There “Good Bugs” When it Comes to My Turfgrass?

There are some good bugs to look out for.

Often, posts such as these focus on the insects that do damage to your turf. Today, we’re taking it in a bit of a different direction. Here are the insects that benefit your grass maintenance strategies, either directly or indirectly, and are common in Columbia SC.

Insects to Welcome into Your Lawn


These bugs are essential for filtering and refreshing the soil in your lawn and garden.

Praying Mantis

Regarded as a thorough hunter, these insects will eat any pests, but focus their energy on moth larva. Moths are known to destroy entire plants, including turfgrasses.


Mature adult lacewings feed primarily on nectar, but the immature larva control populations of harmful insects to turf, including mites, aphids and small caterpillars.

Ground Beetle

These predatory insects improve growing conditions by feasting on common turf antagonists like snails, slugs and cutworms.

Insects to Avoid

While there are many more varieties of these harmful bugs, they can be mostly vanquished by the right combination of beneficial insects.

  • Asiatic garden beetles and Japanese beetles
  • Cutworms
  • Aphids and common mites
  • Cabbage worms

These insects not only damage your turf quality but can also damage your garden, so it’s important to keep them from taking over.

An experienced turf expert can tell you how to control these pests and promote the populations of beneficial insects in your lawn and garden. For more information, contact the Columbia, SC grass maintenance experts at Modern Turf today!


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