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What You Should Know About Cold-Weather Turfgrass

Cool weather turfgrass can make all the difference in the winter, especially when it comes to renovation and presentation. Renovating turf to keep it looking green and healthy in our mild winter months often involves a process of shaving the old turf and overseeding with a cool weather grass. But which turf type is ideal for your location? Read these overviews of three popular cool weather turf grasses and see which one seems to best fit your needs:

  • Fescue is a fine, upright grass blade and germinates rapidly. It does well in hot and cold weather, with great tolerance for cold winter days. It’s also extremely shade- and drought-tolerant. Fescue seed is often blended with other grass types to provide texture and consistent color. Tall fescue is a good choice for golf courses, soccer fields, and other tough play areas.
  • Kentucky bluegrass is a nice deep green and can withstand cold winter weather. It does, however, prefer sun over shade. Leaf uniformity is typically outstanding. Bluegrass is a favorite turf for sports fields and golf courses.
  • Ryegrass establishes fast and is relatively easy to care for. It grows most vigorously under cool, moist conditions. Rye is commonly blended with other grass seeds and is popular in various sports facilities, including golf courses.

Keeping your course green, lush, and playable through the winter means putting in the extra time and effort to get cool season turf established. The fresh grass will introduce a fresh and smooth surface for your players, which will keep them coming back for more.

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