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Working to establish a new lawn or trying to re-energize an existing one? No matter what type of lawn you are working with, choosing sod over traditional grass seeding techniques will help ensure you get a healthy stand of robust green grass, quickly and easily. But planting sod can have a learning curve. If you are getting ready to install new sod on your lawn, avoiding these common mistakes will help ensure your success.

Mistake Number 1: Failing to Fully Prepare the Site

Complete preparation of the site prior to planting the sod is the best way to be assured that the sod has everything it needs for healthy growth. Common preparation mistakes include:

  • failing to remove debris, both above and below ground
  • failing to grade the site to lessen the risk of erosion or pooling water
  • failing to pre-treat the site to eliminate weed growth
  • failing to till, then test and amend the soil with the correct high phosphate fertilizer
  • failing to properly roll the area

Mistake Number Two: Ordering and Installing Issues

Another common problem encountered by homeowners when planting sod is failing to properly measure or calculate the actual amount of sod that will be needed for the project. This is especially true when dealing with lawns that are very large and those that have irregular edges. Mistakes can be both expensive and stressful, so remember to double-check your figures with one of Modern Turf’s pros to make sure you always get just the right amount for your project.

If you would like to learn more about using sod to beautify your lawn or how to avoid mistakes when installing it, Modern Turf’s team of friendly professionals is ready to help. From supplying you with healthy, vigorous sod for any sized project to answering your ordering, installation, or sod care questions, Modern Turf is proud to be your one-stop sod shop.


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