Does the Height of the Turfgrass Really Affect Field Playability?

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For thousands of residents and visitors each year, spring in the Carolinas can be summed up in one delightful word – Golf! A day on the course means sunshine, blue skies, and lush greens stretching as far as the eye can see. What golfers may not know, however, is that the height of the turfgrass can really affect overall playability. Here’s what both golfers and ground care professionals need to know.

Grain, Resistance, and Speed

According to the Golf Academy of America®, turfgrass height can affect the way the golf ball moves on the course. When turfgrass blade height and configuration is relatively horizontal, it can cause accuracy issues when putting due to grain.Resistance and speed are also affected by the height and consistency of the turfgrass. If the golf ball is met with unnecessary resistance from the turfgrass, it can experience slower rolling speeds, which will affect both accuracy and overall playability.

Choosing turfgrass for maximum playability

Ultradwarf turfgrass choices, like MiniVerde® and No-Till Ultradwarf® varieties of sod are proven to help increase the quality of the playing surface. With high shoot density, fine leaf blades, and short internodes, these turfgrasses produce the short, super-thick grass surfaces needed for faster courses and a better overall golfing experience.

In addition, these turfgrasses are easy to be manage and can be mowed at collar height, to help limit encroachment issues.

To learn more about converting your course to an ultradwarf turfgrass variety, contact Modern Turf today for a site visit and consultation. In many cases, ultradwarf varieties can be integrated through a no-till application process designed to be quick and convenient, while still offering a high quality, healthy surface. Give your greens the boost they need to keep golfers returning year after year, contact Modern Turf today.


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