Golf Turf

Modern Turf has specialized in golf turf and its management from day one. Our team has worked with several of the best superintendents, general managers, and club owners in the industry. From famous golf properties seen on TV, to daily-fee courses throughout the eastern US, Modern Turf continues to be a leader in golf turf consulting.

Golf Course Evaluation

Typical options follow, but we customize and price these plans based on individual needs.

One or more consultants arrive at your facility to meet with you and your staff. During this meeting, we discuss past and current issues, along with your procedures. We then tour the facility and record all recommendations. Prior to departure, we sit down to discuss these recommendations and a plan for action and execution.

During our 3-day visits, our team has more time to fully evaluate the facility. We study shade and sun distribution, drainage patterns, tees, greens complexes, bunkers, etc. We spend the 1st day looking at any issues you have identified, with a focus being on the greens. On day 2, we evaluate tees, fairways, bunkers, shade, drainage, and more. On day 3, we review the recommendations, develop a plan for execution, and prioritize these items.

Semi-annual / Quarterly Plans – Different geographical regions sometimes exhibit drastically different climates from season to season. Our semi-annual and quarterly plans enable our team to make multiple site visits over the year to help you navigate ongoing seasonal challenges. Not only do these plans allow us to help you with issues as they arise throughout the year, but we are able to build a partnership that fosters growth and ultimately generates more play and revenue.

Let’s discuss your needs to determine the best solution for you and your budget!