Zorro Zoysia


Zorro is the #1 rated zoysia grass in the NTEP trials. It is a very fine bladed zoysia with a deep, green color that is suitable for golf courses, commercial and residential lawns. Zorro is rapidly replacing many St. Augustine and centipede lawns due to its great shade tolerance, durability, disease resistance and beauty. In the golf world, its density, texture, and adaptability to different mowing heights offers an excellent playing surface for tees, fairways and roughs. Zorro can be mowed with a reel mower at 1⁄4” or with a rotary at 3”. Zorro has superior shade tolerance to most other warm season grasses, allowing it to grow in areas other grasses simply can’t. Zorro has excellent fall color retention and is an ideal choice from the tropics to the transition zone.