When is the Best Time to Fertilize a Soccer Field?

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When is the Best Time to Fertilize a Soccer Field?

Fertilizing the turf for your school or community’s soccer field is essential for having a lush, healthy playing field that will last throughout the season. Even if your part of the country gets ample rain, fertilizer helps give the sod the boost it needs to develop deep roots that will stand up to the heavy traffic of a playing field.

Tips for fertilizing your soccer field:

  1. Apply in spring and fall. Most types of grasses do best when you apply fertilizer in both early spring and in the fall at the end of playing season. The precise fertilizer mix will depend on your grass and the type of soil. If you don’t know what type of soil you have, most county extension offices will test your soil for free.
  2. Aerate your sod. Playing fields are naturally subject to compacting the soil. This can damage the grass roots and cause bare patches in your field. One good way to fight this is to aerate your field using a rolling tool that pokes holes into the sod. This also helps the sod absorb the fertilization more easily. Playing fields should be aerated between three and six times a year.
  3. Consider organic fertilizers. If you are concerned about chemicals and the environment as well as the kids playing where chemicals have been applied, there are a number of natural fertilizers available, such as seasoned manure, soybean meal and vegetable tankage. However, keep in mind that natural fertilizers take longer to act than chemical fertilizers.

Keeping your soccer field looking lush and green despite the regular wear and tear doesn’t have to be an impossible task. With regular aerating and the right blend of fertilizer, your playing field can thrive throughout the soccer season.

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