How Do I Know Which Turfgrass is the Right Choice for My Lawn?

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How Do I Know Which Turfgrass is the Right Choice for My Lawn?

A beautiful lawn will enhance the appeal of your landscape, while a poor one will detract it. The perfect turfgrass for your lawn not only increases the aesthetic appeal and economic value of your landscape, but it also creates the perfect space for outdoor activities, helps in soil erosion control, filters pollutants, and more. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right turfgrass.

Here’s what to consider in choosing the right turfgrass for your lawn:

What is your desired amount of maintenance?

Do you want a lawn that is highly manicured and professionally tended, or just an average lawn that requires a small or medium amount of input and effort in terms of maintenance? Choose a lawn that you can afford to maintain without straining your pockets and time.

Do you need a warm season, cool season or a grass seed mixture?

Finding the right seasonal grass seed or grass seed mixture is important in planting and obtaining a great lawn. You don’t want to plant a warm season grass only for it to be frozen by harsh winter temperatures, or plant a cool season grass for it to be destroyed by scorching summer heat.

What are the environmental and soil conditions where you live?

As a resident of Rembert, SC, you need to understand the soil type, drainage, ph, and other characteristics that are important to the growth and nourishment of your turf. If you are having a hard time determining these factors, consult Modern Turf for professional guidance.

How pest resistant is the turfgrass?

Different turfgrasses have at least one major pest problem that could hinder their use in certain locations. Ask for turfgrass that can effectively resist pests and diseases in your area. Remember, a lawn is a long-term property investment, and your choice of turfgrass should give you the best value for your money. Contact us with any questions or request for more information on the right choice of lawn for you.


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