How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Sports Field?

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How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Sports Field?

Playability and player safety concerns regarding use-hours can impact natural turf maintenance costs.

When it comes to playability and player concerns, the amount of use hours per week on natural turf becomes a significant concern. This is because the more hours a natural turf surface is used, the faster it will require some level of maintenance. This applies to natural as well as artificial turf.

Balancing playability with maintenance costs means it’s difficult to put a precise number on the use-hours per week that natural turf can support. A typical number is between 13-16 hours of use per week.

To address playability and player concerns, here are a few factors that can increase or decrease the use-hour range:

  1. The Need for Rest Periods: Natural turf needs to be “rested” between heavy uses to prevent bare spots on the field. These rest periods decrease the amount of time available for actual use.
  2. Heavy vs. Light Use: If the natural turf field is used for light sports like baseball and softball, the use-hours will probably be closer to the high range. However, if the area is used for heavy sports like soccer or football, the use periods will be closer to the low range.
  3. Open vs. Closed Fields: If the field is open for public use during the week, then this will add extra foot traffic. On the other hand, if the field is closed to the public during the week, then there is more control over the longevity of the natural turf.

The cost of maintenance for a natural (or artificial) turf surface is a significant concern when addressing use-hours, so keeping track of these hours can help guide maintenance cost decisions.

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