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A Quick Guide to Installing Landscape Sod

Installing sod for your landscape is an important step in beautifying your yard. High-quality sod can improve the durability and longevity of every landscape surface, helping to save you money.

If you’re planning to install sod on your lawn, here are a few tips you should know beforehand.

Measure the Area

Before you being, you should take a tape measure and calculate the total area that will require sod. This will allow you to purchase exactly what you need without going over. However, you should probably go ahead and purchase around five percent more than you actually need to accommodate for curves and edges that might be present or miscalculations in your measurements.

Dig Organic Matter Into the Soil

Take a tiller and dig up around two to three inches of the organic matter itself. This will improve the aeration of the soil and increase the water access. Improving the nutrition of the soil will lead to improved health and longevity in the long run.

Rake the Soil

Once the organic matter has been tilled, take a rake and level out the soil. Try to rake the soil to the point that it is around one inch below the height of any sprinkler heads. This will ensure that every inch of the soil has adequate water access. The even level of the soil will make it easier to lay out the turf.

Lay the Turf in Rows

Now that the soil is healthy and level, the turf can be placed in even rows. Take the turf and make sure that it is even and sealed at the edges.

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