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The Simple Basics of Lawn Fertilization

It’s easy to get overwhelmed picking out a fertilizer

In order to have a luscious, green lawn, you are going to have to fertilize it. Grass, like all plants, needs certain nutrients to grow to its fullest potential. If you want to achieve thicker, greener grass on your lawn, check out these lawn fertilization basics:

Choose a Fertilizer

One of the most important steps in fertilizing your lawn is to choose the right fertilizer. Depending on which type of grass you have, what your goals are, and what time of the year it is, the optimal fertilizer may vary. For example, weed and feed is a type of fertilizer that can be used to fertilize your lawn while simultaneously killing any weeds that may be present. To help your lawn cope with the stress of winter, you may want to use a winterizer, and for new lawns you should use a starter fertilizer to help your grass develop strong roots.

Always Fertilize with a Lawn Spreader

When fertilizing your lawn, it is never a good idea to spread the fertilizer by hand. Instead, empty your fertilizer into a lawn spreader and use it to spread the fertilizer. Doing so is much like mowing your lawn with a push mower in that you will want to start at the outer perimeter of your lawn and push the spreader around it, working your way inwards as you go. Before you start, though, make sure to set the spreader to the setting that is recommended on the package of fertilizer you purchased. Both under-fertilizing and over-fertilizing your lawn can be avoided by getting the proper setting on your lawn spreader.

Start with the Right Grass

Fertilizing works much better if you start out with a high-quality grass to begin with. If you would like to learn more about sodding your lawn with the best, healthiest grass available, feel free to contact us today!


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