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How Sod Can Take the Headache Out of Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful lawn can be yours without the hassle.

It can seem daunting to revitalize a lawn that has long lost its luster and lush. Re-seeding a lawn can be quite a headache and requires a significant amount of work on your part to maintain. A new sod lawn, however, has many benefits.

Easy and Instant Install

Unlike seeding, laying sod provides an instant lawn. From the very beginning, you have a beautiful new lawn. Additionally, sod is considerably less work, as someone else has taken the time to grow the grass prior to installment into your lawn.

When you trust Modern Turf with installing your new lawn, you will receive a 100% guarantee on the installation and subsequent care of your turf. Another great perk of choosing Modern Turf for your lawn is that we are able to help you choose the grass that will best fit your needs.

Easy Maintenance

After your sod has been installed, maintaining it is incredibly easy.

Watering is a breeze, as you simply need to keep the turf moist for the first five days after installation so that the sod has a damp environment in which to flourish. After the first five days, your sod requires less watering, only enough to keep it a beautiful green.

Let Modern Turf Install Your Lawn

Modern Turf specializes in installing new sod lawns, and will have yours looking beautiful for you in no time. Contact us today to discuss the different types of sod that are available to you and to determine which grass is best for your needs.


Enjoy professional installation with our Turf Care division. 


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