Warm-season grasses are frequently planted vegetatively, not by seed. Most of the grasses we sell are sterile hybrids so the plants produce no viable or “living” seed. Instead, we use sprigs to establish substantial areas of these grasses. Sprigs are small bits of live stem and rhizomes planted directly into the soil, watered, and fertilized until they cover the area, which might take from one to three months, depending on the variety of grass and weather conditions. For smaller areas like golf course greens hand-planting sprigs is customary, but for larger areas such as golf course fairways or athletic fields, mechanical planting makes the job manageable. 

We sell sprigs by a unit of measure called a “Georgia bushel”, equivalent to 0.32 cubic feet by volume. Sprig rates for planting vary depending on the variety of grass and the time allotted for establishment, but a rate of 800 bushels per acre is typical for most situations.