DIY Sod Installation? Here’s What You Should Know

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DIY Sod Installation? Here’s What You Should Know

Get rolling on your sod install with these tips.

If you’ve noticed that your lawn is looking sparse and weedy or your backyard is barren from the winter weather, you might be in the market for a lawn makeover.

Laying sod is a fairly simple way to transform your yard into a lush and manicured paradise. If you choose to install sod yourself as a DIY project, you can save both funds but time. There are, however, a few steps you should consider before taking on the project.

Soil Test

Proper preparation leads to proper installation, and testing your soil before laying down sod gives you an idea of how well it will take to your environment. You can acquire a soil testing kit from your local extension office. Gather small soil samples from the areas you want to sod and send it off for testing. The entire process can take up to two weeks, so you should plan accordingly.


Having an exact idea of the amount of sod you need can be determined easily by taking proper measurements. We suggest you order about five percent more than the actual area so that you have enough material to cover around curves. The experts at Modern Turf can work with you to determine the amount of sunlight and shade your lawn gets along with its strength so that we can better determine the type of sod that is right for you.

Soil Preparation

Tilling organic matter into your soil helps to improve aeration and water retention. Following this up with raking helps to even out your soil and pull out particles that help to grow grass roots. You should also water the soil well for one to two days before laying down your new turf.

Sod Installation

Finally, roll out your new turf by laying out whole pieces end-to-end, staggering the joints, creating tight seams and filling in any patches. You can use a carpet cutter to cut corners and holes for irrigation appliances, trees and other objects. Using a lawn roller to push down the sod to grow roots in the soil finishes the job before you water it.

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