Mach 1

Tested for almost 20 years, Mach 1 has been characterized as one of the cleanest and purest turfs throughout its growth period. Its attractive fine texture, exceptional density, extreme tightness, and overall smoothness create the ultimate putting surface that can be mowed as low as any grass on the market.

This premium turfgrass is a genetically strong, high-end performer that is both heat and drought tolerant. It responds favorably to growth regulators allowing the turf to withstand a variety of other stresses better. While primarily a putting green grass, Mach 1 is suitable for other fine athletic surfaces such as grass tennis courts, lawn bowling, and croquet. Mach 1 Brochure

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Tolerance Chart

Wear Tolerance
Very Good

Shade Tolerance

Cold Tolerance

Drought Tolerance

Mowing Height
0.080" to 0.200"

Blended Earth

Blended Earth

Blended Earth is a premium mushroom compost-based soil product. We carefully mix in our own special ingredients and soil conditioner to make it a complete, ready-to-plant soil.

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Modern Turf makes measuring your lawn or property easy. With our sod and Turf Care services, calculator, you can measure the square footage of your property in minutes.

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Modern Turf professionals go through a detailed process enabling us to offer full installation and prep services for new lawns.

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