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Our boss’ favorite, Premium Red is a hardwood mulch that will enhance the ”green” in your landscape while not fading like other red mulches. Premium Red holds its color for up to 3 years and is known to outlast the competition due to our coloring process and higher quality wood being used for mulch.

1 yard covers ~100 sq.feet 2-3 inches thick.
Volume Calculator

Blended Earth Volume Calculator

Calculate how much Blended Earth you need:

Blended Earth

Blended Earth

Blended Earth is a premium mushroom compost-based soil product. We carefully mix in our own special ingredients and soil conditioner to make it a complete, ready-to-plant soil.

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Area Calculator

Modern Turf makes measuring your property easy. With our square foot or cubic volume calculator, you can select an area and a depth to find exactly how much product you will need to order.

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Modern Turf professionals go through a detailed process enabling us to offer full installation and prep services for new lawns.

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