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Modern Turf gets it’s roots from the golf industry and has specialized in golf turf and management from day one. Our team has worked with several of the best superintendents, general managers, and club owners in the industry. From famous golf properties seen on TV, to daily-fee courses throughout the US and internationally, Modern Turf continues to be a leader in warm season golf turf.

Golf Grass Products

Mach 1
Tested for almost 20 years, Mach 1 has been characterized as one of the cleanest and purest turfs throughout its growth period. Its attractive fine texture, exceptional density, extreme tightness, and overall smoothness create the ultimate putting surface that can be mowed as low as any grass on the market.
Sunday Ultradwarf
SUNDAY Ultra-Dwarf has been grown for over 30 years on a golf course on the Alabama Gulf Coast. It is genetically stable while offering lower-maintenance, high-end putting green surfaces. What really makes SUNDAY great is its versatility.
An old grass with a new name, Calcutta Ultradwarf Bermudagrass (P-18) has been planted on hundreds of golf courses throughout the southern hemisphere and displays outstanding putting quality. Comparatively easy to manage and producing less grain and thatch than most major competitive Ultradwarf bermudagrasses, Calcutta is a grass you can bet on!
MiniVerde (P18) available only to our international clients, is a proven performer around the world. This ultradwarf provides an excellent putting surface with super fine leaf blades, short internodes and high shoot density. MiniVerde is dark green in color and exhibits excellent low temperature color retention.
Celebration® Bermudagrass
Celebration is a deep blue-green bermudagrass that has finished best in numerous university research studies for wear tolerance and recovery, drought resistance and tolerance and bermudagrass shade tolerance.
Latitude36™ Bermuda
Suitable for athletic fields, home lawns, tees, fringes, fairways and roughs, this newcomer to the high-end turf market is quite the performer. It tolerates low mowing heights, recovers quickly from injury and looks better than any bermudagrass on the market.
419 Bermuda
Tifway 419 has been the standard for golf course tees, fairways and roughs throughout the southern United States for decades. Tifway 419 is a vigorous grower which has a dense, low growth habit and has a fast recovery rate from wear and traffic.
Zorro Zoysia
Zorro is the #1 rated zoysia grass in the National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials. It is a very fine bladed zoysia with a deep green color that is suitable for golf courses, commercial, and residential lawns. Zorro is rapidly replacing many St. Augustine and centipede lawns due to its great shade tolerance, durability, disease resistance and beauty.
Its beauty and functionality make Empire Zoysia uniquely suited for homeowners and golf courses in varying climatic conditions throughout the southeast.

Golf Turf Services

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