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Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on which kind you get. Give us a call for the latest pricing on our sod.

About 2,000-2,500 pounds, depending on how wet it is.

Absolutely! We can deliver almost anywhere. Freight prices are typically based on distance and delivery type.

500 square feet on Centipede and Bermudas, 450 square feet on Zoysias

Yes, a half pallet can cover 250 square feet. 225 square feet for Zoysias

Sometimes. Our Blythewood store carries pieces from time to time. The best practice is to call ahead to discuss available options.

Yes. Our Modern Turf Care division can tackle fertilization, lawn fungi, pests, and aeration.

No. We do not offer mowing services for residential lawns at this time.

Our sod sits on a 4’ x 4’ pallet and stands around 4’ tall.

Currently our Tifway 419 is available in mini-rolls. Most of our other turf grass comes in easy-to-install sections called “slabs”.

Yes! Click here to read about the different varieties and make a selection.

Pull up your property on our Area Calculator and measure how much you need.

One slab at a time. Before installation be sure to thoroughly till and level the area. Once the sod is laid, make sure you water accordingly.

We do, based on job size. Please call us to discuss your project.

Yes, give us a call a few days ahead of time to get the best delivery windows and sod selections.

Typically, the answer is no. All of our sod is scheduled to be cut so it is fresh when you get it. We grow quite a few different varieties so scheduling in advance is required.


While we do sell sod year-round the best time to plant is in early spring here in the southeastern United States. While it is perfectly fine to lay in the heat of the summer, keep in mind that the sod will need appropriate watering until the sod is established. Likewise, appropriate water is required in the winter as well, though not nearly as much as the hot months. The main point is to never let your new sod completely dry out.

Yes! No turf job is too big or small for Modern Turf.

Sure, if you want the same lush green that has good wear and tear, check out our Bermuda grasses.

At our Blythewood location we offer a great selection of mulch, sand, gravel, stone, and our own mushroom-compost based soil product called Blended Earth.

We do not do full landscaping, only sod and sod installation. We have preferred landscape partners that we can direct you to that do full landscaping services though.

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