Our Sod Cuts

Modern Turf offers sod in a variety of cuts including big rolls, mini-rolls, slabs, and sprigs. Sod cuts and weights vary by season, variety and weather. Typically, a tractor-trailer load of sod carries 18 to 20 pallets, depending on whether or not it hauls an off-loader. Each pallet of grass weighs between 1700 lbs. and 2500 lbs., varying due to soil moisture and the time of year. Customers picking up a single pallet of sod from any of our locations should have a truck or trailer with a minimum payload capacity of 2500 lbs.

Big Rolls

Big rolls are generally used for sizeable areas such as athletic fields, golf courses, commercial properties, and occasionally, larger home lawns. We can cut all varieties of Modern Turf sod in big rolls, and standard dimensions are 42” wide by 100’ long. The 42” widths are not one piece but rather two 21” cuts bound together with biodegradable netting. On large orders we will cut custom lengths upon request, but when cut at 100’, our big rolls cover 360 square feet and weigh about 1500 lbs. each. They require mechanical installation with a tractor attachment or one of various machines designed for this purpose. Modern Turf offers big roll installation and we also rent the tractor attachment for customers who may need it.


Mini-rolls are a popular cut of sod with landscape contractors and golf courses. They are 24” wide by 60” long and cover 10 square feet. We usually cut only Tifway 419 and centipede sod in mini-rolls but will cut other varieties for orders greater than a truckload. Mini-rolls come stacked on pallets containing 450 or 500 square feet, depending on grass variety.


We harvest most of our sod in slabs which are stacked on pallets. Each piece measures 16” x 24”, weighs about 11 lbs., and covers 2.66 square feet. A 500-square-foot pallet has 188 pieces, while a 450-square-foot pallet has 169 pieces.


Warm-season grasses are frequently planted vegetatively, not by seed. Most of the grasses we sell are sterile hybrids so the plants produce no viable or “living” seed. Instead, we use sprigs to establish substantial areas of these grasses. Sprigs are small bits of live stem and rhizomes planted directly into the soil, watered, and fertilized until they cover the area, which might take from one to three months, depending on the variety of grass and weather conditions. For smaller areas like golf course greens hand-planting sprigs is customary, but for larger areas such as golf course fairways or athletic fields, mechanical planting makes the job manageable. 

We sell sprigs by a unit of measure called a “Georgia bushel”, equivalent to 0.32 cubic feet by volume. Sprig rates for planting vary depending on the variety of grass and the time allotted for establishment, but a rate of 800 bushels per acre is typical for most situations.