Sports Turf

The Sports Turf division of Modern Turf has proven experience and practical knowledge, making us a leader in this industry. As a proud member of the South Carolina Sports Turf Managers Association and the national Sports Turf Managers Association, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to professionalism and quality of work. Our goal is to build and maintain athletic fields for every level of play that are safe, conforming, and aesthetically pleasing.


Sports Turf Products

We are proud to offer a variety of top of the line sports turf products for your high performance baseball fields, softball fields, football fields, and more. To place an order contact your local Modern Turf Store.


Sports Turf Management

To coin a phrase from sports turf guru Jerad Minnick “athletic fields aren’t over played, they’re under maintained!” We believe no truer words have ever been spoken. As more municipalities turn to plastic surfaces to solve poor construction and underfunded maintenance programs, Modern Turf wants you to know that we can maintain your natural athletic fields with our staff, equipment and turfgrass expertise. Let us work with you to come up with a practical maintenance regime that suits your budget and expectations. Contact us and we will set a time to meet with you on your site and discuss how we can help you improve your playing conditions.

Infield Services

Modern Turf provides laser leveling services for baseball, softball soccer and football fields.


Construction and Renovation Services

Whether your turf has endured heavy usage or extreme weather you can trust the experts at Modern Turf to get your field back in the game. Based on our knowledge and expertise in growing high-quality turf, our Modern Turf Staff can offer the necessary services to provide the highest quality of playing services.


Sports Turf Process

Modern Turf meets with prospective clients on their site, evaluates their needs, shares possible solutions, and creates a customized plan to meet their expectations and budget.

Our Memberships & Certifications

STMA Certified Sports Field Manager Sports Turf Managers Association American Sports Builders Association TPI Natural Grass