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Mach 1 ultradwarf Bermudagrass for greens has received its plant patent (PP31139). Developed by Rod Lingle, CGCS, Mach 1 features fine texture for ball roll, excellent response to growth regulators and visible purity.

As part of Mach 1’s introduction to the market, courses around the world from Florida to Vietnam planted trial plots for evaluation. Trump National Golf Club Charlotte, in North Carolina, is the first to install Mach 1 for permanent play. Their new Fazio-designed par-three practice facility, Fazio Five, uses the variety on all greens.

“We were surprised at how quickly the Mach 1 grew in,” Trump National Charlotte director of grounds James Sowers said. “We planted in June for a September grand opening, but the greens were almost completely covered in just six weeks. I have also noticed that we aren’t getting as much vertical movement as lateral growth, which has been positive for the speed of the greens.”

In addition to growing characteristics, Sowers is pleased with the aesthetics and playability of Mach 1. “It’s a really tight looking plant, upright with excellent color and good, thick, healthy roots,” he said. “Our members are accustomed to impeccable playing conditions, and the feedback we have received has been fantastic. We are looking forward to getting into our next growing season and watching the performance of this new product. It’s been exciting to be one of the first to implement as our agronomy team is always looking for ways to further enhance the experience at Trump National Golf Club Charlotte.”

Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green, Florida, started Mach 1 trials last fall. Streamsong is a three-course resort hosting around 100,000 annual rounds.

“I would say it’s probably the finest putting surface I’ve seen in my life,” Streamsong director of a agronomy Rusty Mercer said. “I don’t know if I’ve seen a surface this fine and tight before. It’s almost like the ball is floating.”

Mercer, who is experienced in managing ultradwarf greens, found Mach 1 to be drought and disease resistant with a giant root system, requiring less nitrogen than other ultradwarfs.

“I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about this grass,” Mercer added. “I’ve had superintendents from all over the country visit, and they were blown away. They all try to compare it to something they’ve played before, but no one can come up with anything like it.”

Mach 1 also features genetic stability. Lingle selected the grass nearly 20 years ago. Throughout testing and trials, no visible off-types have occurred. Atlas Turf International oversees sales and marketing outside of the United States.

Turfgrass production company Modern Turf in Rembert, South Carolina, is the exclusive grower of Mach 1 and manages distribution throughout the United States. Atlas Turf International oversees sales and marketing outside of the United States.

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