Top 3 benefits of installing turf rather than seeding

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Using pre-grown sod rather than seeding grass from scratch can be the cheat code you need to get a beautiful yard with minimum fuss. Let’s take a look at some of its most important benefits over seeding!

  1. The hard work has already been done
  2. The payoff is instantaneous
  3. It’s a “sure thing”

Seeding your lawn is a gamble. Seedlings need to be watered consistently, but the seeds can float away so that they collect and only sprout in certain places. Birds and other animals also love the taste of them! Sometimes the bag of seed will be old, or you might have purchased a type of grass that does not grow well in your area. Laying down established plants in the form of sod is almost always with the aid of a lawn and garden care company, who will know the best grass for the area.

Want to learn how to lay sod? Ready to price sod for your lawn? Contact the pros at Modern Turf or request a lawn care consultation to learn more!


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