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Modern Turf is proud to offer lawn care services for your commercial or residential property. Modern Turf grows the grass on their farm, installs it, and can manage it for you on your property as well! We don’t mow it, but we can sure as heck grow it! One of the things that sets us apart from corporate/chain lawn care services is the knowledge we take from the farm to your yard. We develop programs based on your grass variety and soil type making our service second to none. If you consider your lawn an investment, you should consider having Modern Turf Care manage it for you!

Modern Turf Care Program Packages

Over the years, Modern Turf has taken pride in the effectiveness and execution of our Modern Turf Care program for residential and commercial lawns. Every year has brought new challenges and new opportunities for a better understanding of how to service your lawn.

Sod Installation


Additional Services

Image001 Aeration Resized
Sod Weed Resized
Weed Treatment
Insect Grass Blade Services
Insect Treatment
Sod Fungus
Fungus Treatment
Ant Mound Grass Resized
Fire Ant Control
Grub In Dirt
Grub Control
Soil Treatment
Soil Treatment
Irrigation Services

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