Turf Care

Turf Care

Modern Turf is proud to offer lawn care services for your commercial or residential property. Modern Turf grows the grass on their farm, installs it, cares for it and subsequently will 100% Guarantee it! Determining which grass is right for your property is where our expertise really comes in to play. Many factors including soil type, shade or sun variables, climate, drought and wear and tear are taken into consideration before our experts recommend the best grass type for your home or business.

Measure Your Lawn’s Square Footage

With our sod and Turf Care services calculator, you can measure the square footage of your lawn in minutes. After you measure your lawn, a member of our team will send you a rough estimate for the services you’re interested in.

6 Application Program

As a natural extension of growing grass for our sod operation, we are pleased to offer a six-application program for your residential or commercial property. Through our six-application program, we idenitfy the issues your lawn faces and create a comprehensive plan for growth and care. Learn about our 100% guarantee.

6 Application Program - Start with Any Application
  • Application 1


    Spring Pre-Emergent, Weed Control/Fertilization

  • Application 2


    Fertilization/Weed Control

  • Application 3


    Fertilization/Weed Control (Aeration highly recommended)

  • Application 4


    Fertilization/Weed Control

  • Application 5


    Fall Pre-Emergent/Weed Control

  • Application 6


    Winter Weed Post-Emergent Weed Control/Soil Testing/Lawn Evaluation

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