Other than fertilization, irrigation, mowing, and weed control, aerification is arguably the most important cultural practice to ensure continued satisfaction with your lawn. Aerification relieves compaction which, in turn, allows water, fertilizer, and oxygen to reach the roots. All living things need oxygen and turf plants are no exception. Aerification stimulates growth of roots and shoots and acts as topdressing.

Heavily-used lawns, especially those that have a high clay content in the root zone or subsoil, could benefit from aerification. Done annually, aerification assists to give turf the tolerance it needs to survive hot temperatures and drought conditions.Upon completion of aerification, it is common to notice reduced water runoff, increased infiltration, and improved. Ultimately, aerification can help save money on your water bill. How? Because the correct amounts of water, air, nutrients, etc. enable turfgrass roots to grow stronger.

Call Modern Turf to schedule an aerification for your lawn when the timing is right, typically from late May through August.