Commercial Services


Often-times commercial lawn areas are neglected, which leaves the probability you won’t capitalize on making a memorable first impression with your customer. At Modern Turf, our expert staff is committed to maintaining commercial properties at the same level as home lawns. We offer site evaluations on existing and newly-designed commercial properties, for improvements and/or recommendations.

Our evaluation process is very thorough, and we give ample time to complete the assessment properly. When evaluating existing commercial properties, our expert staff pays close attention to soil type, sod variety, shady areas, traffic patterns, drainage issues, etc. These same factors hold true when evaluating a newly-designed commercial lawn, and our staff is able to provide a sound plan of attack. With our experience it is clear to us that commercial lawns require more attention given the amount of wear and tear they receive. The variety of sod plays an important role, as well as an increased need for additional maintenance services. Aerification and top-dressing are key maintenance components frequently overlooked.

Have a Modern Turf expert professional come by to assess your commercial lawn needs today. We grow grass so you don’t have to!