Fire Ant Control


As we know all too well, fire ants are part of the culture in the Southeast, especially after a heavy rain, or in soils with high moisture. While some have a tendency to overlook fire ants, they are dangerous and persistent. You may not have them for a few years and then they return. Fire ants pose alarming threats to both humans and animals, when the nests are damaged. Most people are aware of the pain associated with a fire ant bite/sting. Not only are those bites/stings uncomfortable, but in some cases allergic reactions are extremely dangerous. Fire ants frequently cause damage to electrical wiring in irrigation systems, phone/internet lines, etc. These damages could result in a great deal of unexpected expense for the homeowner if neglected.

At Modern Turf, we have access to the best controls available and we are licensed to apply them safely on your lawn. The fire ant products we use are broadcast treatments, which typically provide control for a year. Fire ants may also require spot treatments or mound-to-mound treatments as they appear periodically.

If you do not currently have fire ant service as part of your plan, please consider having a Modern Turf professional give you a quote today.