Lawn Fungus Control


Lawn fungus takes on a variety of forms. Dead-looking grass, brown patches, highly-visible spots, threads, and rings are just a few of the forms in which we see fungus present itself. Fungicide treatments are not included in our six-application program; however, we are available to treat any fungus that may arise. Knowing some of the causes of fungus, how to identify them, and some preventive maintenance practices can prove helpful.

Common Causes of Lawn Fungus

  • Mowing height too low
  • Over-irrigating lawn
  • Drought
  • Perhaps the wrong grass type
  • Mother Nature
  • iInadequate soil drainage

Identifying Lawn Fungus

  • Brown, yellow, or white rings or patches
  • Thin, discolored turf
  • Areas of dark, wet-looking grass or slimy, greasy-looking grass

Preventing Lawn Fungus

  • Conduct a periodic soil test
  • Aerification
  • Proper fertilization
  • Top-dressing
  • Proper and consistent watering schedule
  • Appropriate mowing schedule
  • Allow Modern Turf to guide you every step of the way!