Lawn Insect Control


In the southeastern United States, lawn insects may present themselves almost any time throughout the year. Frequently, insect damage is either neglected or unnoticed, which can ruin a yard if untreated. We want you and your family to enjoy your yard fully. Your lawn should not be a place where you must deal with insects that could harm you or the turf itself.

These are the most commonly-seen insects in the southeastern area:

  • Grubs feed on grass roots and are mostly seen in late spring, late summer, early fall.
  • Armyworms are very common in the South, feed on grass blades in warm weather, and look for brown patches throughout your yard.
  • Chinch Bugs are often seen during warmer months and release toxins detrimental to turf as they feed on grass blades.
  • Spittle Bugs are usually seen in damp areas. An infested lawn might have a squishy feel underfoot; look for small foamy globs as an indicator.



The most common lawn insect pests are grubs. Grubs live under the surface and feed on roots. Grub damage often appears as drought or dry spots. Timing on grub control is essential if this is a problem in your yard. Check with one of our Turf Professionals for guidance if you think you may experiencing a grub problem and we can help eradicate them from your lawn!

Contact a Modern Turf expert if you have concerns regarding insect damage in your lawn. Let us help you control the problems that prevent you from enjoying your yard to its fullest.