Premium Package NEW For 2019

Over the years, Modern Turf has taken pride in the effectiveness and execution of our Modern Turf Care program for residential and commercial lawns. Every year has brought new challenges and new opportunities for a better understanding of how to service your lawn. We have developed a new way of doing things, by offering our Premium Package. This high intensity turf care program will put a Modern Turf professional on your lawn more times than previous years and give us the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your lawn. Many of us have often heard throughout our lives that “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”. By adopting this mentality, there will be a greater chance for success for the care and maintenance of your lawn.

This Premium Package will include all the original treatments from our basic program, as well as aeration, multiple preventative fungicides, and preventative insecticides. Plus, if you convert to the Premium Package you will receive 3 FREE mosquito treatments and 5% OFF upgraded services. If we are treating your lawn and see a problem like new disease or insect damage, our new trucks will have us equipped to take care of any problem at that moment rather than delay. It is our goal at Modern Turf that you have the best lawn possible. By allowing a Turf Professional to physically be on your lawn more times per year, this will get us closer to achieving that goal.



Spring Pre-Emergent / Weed Control


Fall Pre-Emergent / Weed Control

Fall Preventative Fungicide


Soil Testing/Weed Control/ Lawn Evaluation


Spring Fertilization / Weed Control

Preventative Fungicide & Mosquito Treatment

Preventative Grub Treatment


Early Summer Fertilization / Weed Control

Mosquito Treatment


Liquid Aeration


Late Summer Fertilization / Weed Control

Summer Preventative Fungicide, Mosquito Treatment

Additional Services

Other services we provide are:

  • Aerification
  • Mosquito Program
  • Insect Treatment
  • Grub Control
  • Weed Treatment
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Liquid Aeration
  • Fungust Treatment
  • Sod Installation
  • Soil Treatment