Weed Control/Treatment


When it comes to weeds, we often say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is much easier to prevent weeds than kill them. We adhere to a strict schedule for pre-emergent herbicide applications. Pre-emergent herbicides are weed preventers. In the fall we apply them to prevent winter broadleaf weeds. In the spring, we apply pre-emergent herbicides to prevent grassy summer weeds. We realize not everything goes according to plan, which is why the Modern Turf service technician who takes care of your lawn, will look for active weeds during the scheduled visit. If active weeds are present, our service technician will apply a post-emergent herbicide, in an effort to control the weed activity.

We are committed to taking the necessary measures for effective weed control. While we are confident in our technicians and the products we they use, we rely heavily on the homeowner’s participation. For example:

  • Adequately irrigate your lawn
  • Apply the appropriate fertilizer on your lawn
  • Mow your lawn properly and with consistency
  • Increase the height of your lawn slightly by raising the deck on your mower, which can minimize the amount of sunlight available to reach low-lying weeds
  • Have a Modern Turf expert help you put your plan together!