What are the Biggest Threats to Healthy Turfgrass in Summer?

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Maintaining healthy turfgrass during the hot, often dry summer months takes a bit of focused attention. The goal should be to ensure the grass has the perfect environment for growth and development, with special attention to conditions as they change due to the weather. These tips can help:

#1: Conduct a soil test initially

Whenever possible, test the soil to determine if it meets the needs of grass. Soil that is too dense, lacking minerals or nutrients, or made up of too much clay can limit growth of healthy grass. Use this information to amend the soil to better meet the soil’s needs.

#2: Install proper irrigation

Irrigation isn’t a term used to describe a single solution. Irrigation should be customized to meet the needs of the landscape. Timers on irrigation systems are important, but so is having a system capable of monitoring moisture levels in the soil.

#3: Prevent disease

Disease prevention is one of the hardest parts for most residential and commercial property owners because it takes a keen eye to spot potential problems. A healthy start, proper watering, and insect control can minimize most risks. Also consider the value of adding nutrients and either natural or chemical based protectants.

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