What is the Right Turf Height for a Sports Field?

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What is the Right Turf Height for a Sports Field?

Does turf height really matter?

There are many different sports that are played on turf fields. But does turf height really matter when it comes to the performance and safety of the players who are using that field? You bet it does!

What Motions Are Affected by Turf Height?

The proper turf height affects how a player walks, runs, stops, starts, pivots, dodges, jumps, and veers in any given game. Turf height can also affect the way a ball bounces, rolls and the different ways a player is able to maneuver. In fact, turf height will impact the results a player is able to achieve, not to mention that the right height is safer for them when they fall. And, aside from all that, turf height also makes a difference when it comes to the durability of the field.

Does Height Affect the Playability of Sports Turf?

The longer and denser the grass is on any given field, the deeper the roots will be. And that means a sturdier field, but only if it is properly maintained. If it’s not, the field will become clumpy. Clumpy fields can ultimately become a safety hazard because of the inconsistent surface. A close-cut field will provide a more even turf and a more natural surface. However, if the turf is cut too short, that could potentially cause root damage and it will dry out. If that happens, your turf will then require more maintenance. Therefore, you will have to find the right balance for the grass you have and how you will be using that grass.

Additionally, the different sports leagues have their own regulations as well. That means you should spend some time studying the regulations for your particular league before you proceed.

The different species of grass have different care and maintenance requirements. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose your turf or risk any of your players getting hurt, it’s best to hire a professional who knows how to care for and properly maintain your turf surfaces for you based on your particular needs and your league’s regulations.

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