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Football might look rough on the body, but it’s even tougher on the grass beneath the players’ feet. Only football causes significant compaction in concentrated spaces, leading not only to a less attractive playing surface, but also one that is less safe for the players. Since multiple teams likely use the same field, when is the best time to re-sod a football field?

The Best Time

If you have to re-sod a field, the best time of year to do so is late summer or early fall. The temperatures during this period of the year are typically lower on average, but grass is still in its growth cycle. This last part is important because it means the new sod will have time to establish some roots before winter.

A Good Alternative

Spring is a good alternative if late summer and early fall are not feasible. This time of year is especially suited to warm-season grasses such as centipede, zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine. These grasses become dormant in the winter months, so installing during the spring gives the sod plenty of time to take root and grow through the warm winter months.

Times to Avoid

It is a good idea to avoid installing new sod in the middle of summer. The extra water required due to higher temperatures is not only wasteful, but it can result in blight and disease in the new grass.

Why Re-Sod?

Simply put, re-sodding your football field instead of seeding will result in a fuller, thicker field of turf. Not only that, you can accomplish the feat much quicker than seeding such a large area.

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