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When Will My New Lawn Be Ready to Mow?

Hold off mowing your new lawn for about two weeks.

Long-term turf health is influenced by how well your sod takes root into your soil. When proper rooting takes place, your lawn will be able to extract the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

However, waiting for that front yard curb appeal might seem like an eternity! As your grass begins to grow, you might be thinking, “When can I mow my new lawn?”

To prevent damage to your new grass, and to preserve long-term turf health, here are several ways to determine when your new lawn is ready for mowing:

1. It’s Been at Least 2-3 Weeks Since Installation

Before you pull out that beastly lawn mower on your freshly installed turf, wait at least two weeks. Even under the best of conditions, your new lawn needs about that much time to naturally grow and set strong roots.

2. You Can Tug at the Corners Without Lifting Sections

Take a stroll around the perimeter of your new lawn and pull at the edges. If a section of turf lifts out of your lawn like a puzzle piece, it’s not ready for mowing. On the other hand, if you can give the edge a nice tug and it doesn’t budge, your lawn is probably ready for a haircut.

3. Your Turf Is at Least 2 Inches Tall

Even after you’ve passed the 2-week point, make sure your lawn actually needs mowing. Your grass blades should be taller than 2 inches (or even 3-4 inches to allow for better establishment) before your first mow to ensure there’s enough grass to mow. If cutting the recommended height of one-third the length of the grass blades will leave your turf scalped and bald, you might want to wait for your grass to grow a bit taller.

It’s exciting to see that lush green grass in your new yard. Following these simple tips before your first mow can ensure your lawn will be healthy for years to come.

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