Why the World Would End Without Putting Greens

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Why the World Would End Without Putting Greens

How can you create a world-class golf course for your local VIPs? Addressing all player and playability concerns is a great start.

To be honest, when the world does end someday, it probably won’t have very much to do with player and playability concerns at a golf course. Still, it’s true that the golf course has become an outdoor negotiating space for many important business people and world leaders. Who can really say how far-reaching the consequences of putting green playability may be? Politicians, CEOs, and movers and shakers of all sorts often cut deals out on the golf course. In fact, the last president who did not play golf while in office was Jimmy Carter!

The serenity of the golf course gives leaders an informal, relaxed environment to hash out details and carve out compromises. A little friendly competition punctuates these deal-making sessions, and what can break more barriers than that? So while we may never truly understand the actual importance of a smooth, green putting surface, it’s safe to say that beautiful and playable golf courses have borne witness to major decisions and deals.

Wondering how you can create a world-class golf course setting for the VIPs in your neck of the woods? Modern Turf can help. We renovate golf courses all over the southeast United States. Our revolutionary miniverde turfgrass offers a fast, smooth, and consistent putting surface that’s hard to match. Modern Turf’s unique turfgrasses and reliable installations will put your course on par with the finest facilities out there.

Ready to revolutionize your golf course? Our team at Modern Turf can help you create a world class look and feel at your golf course – after all, you never know who may show up to play a round tomorrow! Let our experts handle all of your player and playability concerns, so your golf course is ready.


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