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With Good Maintenance, How Long Will Golf Greens Last?

Renovation and presentation can protect your golf grass investment.

Growing gorgeous golf greens is no easy feat, so keeping the grass healthy with professional greens maintenance is a must. You pour time and money into getting the golf greens you want, so why not invest in the proper maintenance to keep performance standards consistent?

Here are the best tips for getting long-term use out of golf greens:

Mowing: For or Against?

Whether your golf greens are a professional course open to players or a small installation for personal use, correct mowing is essential to getting ultimate usability out of the turf. Take into account the local climate, type of turfgrass, and optimum playing quality you want to achieve. Over-mowing can damage the grass health and cause long-term problems, so finding the correct balance with your maintenance crew is critical.

Rolling Is A Hole-In-One

In combination with mowing, rolling the turf grass can be a top component of proper maintenance. Rolling refers to the process of pressing seeds and sprigs to the soil after planting, encouraging a stable bond for roots to thrive. Rolling on a regular basis after planting will eliminate irregularities or bumps in the turf from wear and tear caused by rodents or other pests, keeping putting surfaces flat and uniform.

Aeration Keeps Grass Young

Vertical mowing and other aerating techniques allow soil to drain properly and settle after windy, rainy weather. This will improve putting surfaces and encourage long-term growth to replenish after damage. Proper renovation and cultivation techniques such as this provide an unlimited life expectancy on golf turf.

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