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3 Tips for Keeping Grass Healthy in the Shade

Healthy green grass makes any home look great.

With proper care, your lawn can stay lush and beautiful.

If you’re worried about grass health in the shady areas of your lawn, you can trust the experts at Modern Turf to steer you in the direction of success. Here’s a look at the best tips for maintaining healthy grass even in shady areas.

Moisture matters more than sunlight.

Overhead shade might be nice for homeowners trying to beat the heat, but some people believe it poses a threat to lawn health – what’s the truth? When it comes to shade, grass has to compete with larger trees and shrubs for the available light.

Luckily, grass is more shade tolerant than other plants and can thrive if you know how to create healthy growth conditions. One of the best ways to do this is by watering. A healthy watering schedule should take place before or after the heat of the day and should allow your lawn to soak in about an inch of water at a time.

Pruning the competition.

When it comes to shade, cutting back on the surrounding undergrowth and low-hanging branches can have a significant impact on your grass quality. You don’t have to sacrifice the whole tree or shrub to reduce shade on the surface of your lawn. Just prune in the right places to reduce shade, and give the grass a bit more light.

Let the grass grow.

Experts know that cutting shaded grass less frequently helps the blades accomplish more with the sunlight they receive throughout the day. Increasing the surface area of each blade allows it to absorb more light and create additional energy from the same amount of exposure. Letting the lawn grow longer and taller will equip it with better chances of survival.

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